Just Married

This photo has become quite popular on FB recently and has evoked many suggestions that I have had no idea about till now. Therefore I decided to write a bit about it and what I personally think behind it. The moment when I took this picture I was absolutely inspired by the place where we were all staying and the way the models were dressed up for. The wardrobe in every detail comes from my friend Magda’s collection who was photographing them before I had my turn. I just wanted them to stand in the front of the house, hold their hands and look at the camera, and that’s it. 🙂   In last two days after posting it on FB in  a few photography groups where I am a member of I have learned about American Gothic and Grand Wood’s work which resonates a bit with this photo. Well at least now I know 🙂 and I am delighted that my work can be compared to such a great artist. I am very flattered. Anyway, for me it is a different story, well now is! After the photo was finished with editing I came up with the name Just Married. I know that weddings are in most cases loaded with  happiness induced by alcohol or the other way around, whatever, people usually smile a lot, but here is a different story. My first ever wedding where I had a chance to be in had a little different situation… After shooting out in the morning during the preparation my friend and I took a break and were discussing our next plans, we noticed that the bride looked really gloomy in shots and not as “smiley” as you can see in most wedding photos, in general of course. Anyway I had no clue what to do and wanted more vibrant photos and maybe it wasn’t the best approach to do so but I suggested if the bride could cheer up a bit as she looks very unhappy in the photos we had taken so far and the response was ” What I am supposed to be happy about”… no more questions or requests were made that morning and we just carried on 🙂   Hence the title for this Photo! 😀

As usually for my portraits I used Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens and natural light.

Model: Paula Szarleja and Wit Kasperek, Wardrobe: Magda Russ




Well then, it’s not always being shot outdoors and for a change we went to coffee shop basement and shot in ambient light. Perhaps it would improve a bit with a help of reflector to light up a little bit on the left, but we didn’t have any and nobody to assist, hence we only work with what we got. For this photo I used my Nikon D800 and 50mm lens as there was almost too small to bother with 85mm. You can make the final judgment anyway…

Model: Alona Yurkova in Krakow

All about the color of the season

The time of the year when mother nature decides to flip everything up side down. The greens are turning into red, brown, yellow and golden colors. The temperatures drop and the Irish Sea seems to adjust to the conditions creating stormy waves. Well, I personally like it as the drama rolls in and open up with new opportunities for new photographs. On the other hand, it will more challenging for the models to work outside… Ah well, they say no pain no gain… I need also finally focus on my guardians as I neglected it for a while. Anyway, the colors are up now and the disappear quickly so we need to take advantage of it as much as possible…  Have you got your favorite season to shoot portraits?

This photo of my Alina where she stands in the front of the last bits of red vine was taken with my Nikon D800 and 85 mm F1.4 nikon lens….  This is definitely mostly used set for portraits.


The Glow

Alright, I know I already mentioned that before and I will say it again. I had one of the best holidays in my life. Working with all the models whom commit 100% into their work is so enjoyable and made my life so happy. Now still going through all the photos and finding hard to choose which do next, is so exciting and is keeping me motivated. Somebody said that to make a beautiful dish you need a right ingredients. Well I couldn’t agree more. Talented models, locations, wardrobe and the light. What else would you ask for?  Finding this spot where the light was sneaking through the top of trees created this beautiful glow in Paula’s beautiful red hair. Again I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens. Processing took place in photoshop, where I used Alien Skin plug to create the final look. More to come of course 😀

Model: Paula Szarleja

Self Execution

Hello all! I’m back from one of most amazing holidays ever. I had a very creative and most inspiring time I could have asked for. Meeting and working with fantastic models and fellow photographer with whom I spent six days talking, sharing and learning each others experience and developing new ideas. Of course I had taken an opportunity and also modeled for her and for myself where the result you can see in this post. We were living in the country site in the southern part of Poland near Krakow, getting spoiled with amazing sunsets and absolutely stunning area.

For this photograph I used a tripod, my nikon D800 with 50mm lens on it at F2. Magda also assisted me with tightening my hands behind and pulling it up with another rope. I also used her amazing wardrobe so I could turn into shady character with a gun.  I can’t tell more how happy it was to be able to create so much work in such a short period and can’t wait to start processing them. For now enjoy this piece, stay tuned for more and I hope to spoil you even more in the near future. Much love ❤


I have got a great news to share. This Wednesday I am going away to Krakow in Poland where I’ll be seeing my friend Magda, also photographer, and creating  loads of new work together. Models all booked! Im so excited already and can’t wait to be there. It’s gonna be almost a whole week of shooting in an amazing location and maybe will manage to do some work in Krakow too. 🙂 Camera and lenses cleaned and already packed! The weather seems very promising. Magda’s work have been used for book covers all over the world now, she is a very talented and creative photographer where I believe will find loads of inspiration for myself. You can visit her FB page here and see what she does!  Photo below was taken some time ago where I had a pleasure to work with amazing model Klaudia who will visit us there and will be honored to work with here again !!!! 😀

It’s gonna be wonderful. May the light be with us!


How many times have you heard that photographers only have to push the button? Too often!!! And sometimes this actually happen, and it is amazing feeling when the model does the whole job for me so I can only focus on composing photo, introducing new ideas and just shoot. However most of the times this isn’t the case and as a photographer I also have to work as a model and show every detail about posing to the person in the front of the camera. Which is fine, as we can learn new lessons and improve on how to work with models with no experience for the future shoots. Sometimes it goes swiftly and sometimes it goes very slowly. And at the end of the shoot you feel really tired 🙂  Yes, that is the truth about working with models in general, and funny about that is that the credits will go to the model how great job she did! Really? Anyway, don’t want to rant or anything like it here right now as this isn’t the point, but the point is I just wanted to share with you of what really happens, in most cases during the photo-shoots. That to create a decent piece, the photographer has to do a double job. And when you eventually get to work with a very a model that knows and have the feeling about it, the job gets sooooo easy and everything is just coming up itself, and you enjoy every moment of it and the face just draw the smile throughout the whole process while working on the photos. Well my face does that 🙂

The photos below came out very spontaneously and Elva did an amazing job, all credits go to her!!!  I really just pressed the button.

For these photographs I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens at F2 and ISO640, I added two texture layers to create more drama and as a filter I used two actions from Alien Skin collection. The series of 3

Hear no evil…


…see no evil…

… speak no evil…

Model: Elva Trill