Happy Halloween

This is the time of the year, when you can dress up as anything and nobody will say you are not normal 😀  I have heard loads of insane arguments that Halloween is a devil’s worship day or children get mentally sick from getting scared. Seriously!?!? I think this was the hard core one! And this comes up from very catholic people!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ….. In my opinion nonsense to the highest degree! Kids love it as much as adults whom can go crazy and be kids again! People are happy and have loads of fun, and for me to see my Alina being happy it’s most important and beautiful time! So enjoy it while you can! Happy Halloween !!! ❤










I have been really struggling with finding new ideas for my photography for some time now. It got to the point that I started to think to give up on photography. Not sure why it’s been happening like that but the feeling of emptiness and despair is so overwhelming that it causes so much helplessness… Well, so I went out for a walk, brought gear that I usually have while creating Guardians with a hope of taking another one. I found the spot and sat there for maybe half an hour and nothing was happening… then I had a really close listening session to mother nature…  I think the spark has been ignited….


Times of darkness

Well, the time is moving and again we are entering the period of winter darkness. Days are already shorter and soon the window light will turn into flash and soft box light… and my head is not creating any new ideas for my photo-work :/


Nikon D800, Nikkor 85mm F1.4 lens and a soft box with flash light


Blasting Sunshine

Thursday morning we had a beautiful morning weather with not even single cloud in the sky and blasting sunshine making it hard to not squint. We went to the beach for a shoot and I really believed we can find some rock to hide from the sun. I know there are tricks to work around those conditions, but somehow I haven’t learned how to overcome it by myself. Anyway I just figured then to stay away from direct sun light on models face. Wasn’t easy yet we did what we did 😉




Deep in dark forest

Just before the holidays Alina and I headed to the meadows of our beautiful Wicklow mountains, where we parked our car beside the woods which appeared to be a nice location for a quick photo shoot. Ah the joy working with children, whatever they do it always looks good in the photos 😀

Gear: Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4  Nikkor Lens



The rant of the day!!!
I know Im not the only one among photographers in Irelend who experienced similar situation and this is not the first time it has happened to me! !! Hence the rant 😈
Models from Dublin!!!! Stop putting your family members to hospitals, getting into car accidents, funerals and severe sickness!!!! It’s such a common excuse when cancelling the shoot last min or in the middle of the night (where we should be in bed at that stage) When evening before all is OK and is going ahead!!!
We photographers also have life and plans and arrangements before the shoots. I personally have heard excuses like this so many times that could make a nice list of those “models” 😐

No photos here this time as I don’t wanna associate those people directly. They know already who they are 😉

Have you had a similar experience before?


Now you can’t see me

I think it’s getting more apparent that Alina is trying to stay away from my camera, but in this case scenario it worked quite well for me 😀


Gear: Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4 lens