Well, originally I was going to do a different post but I found it too exciting to share a something else. As we all already know that FB is getting dead unless you pay for accessing a greater audience, last year I finally got myself convinced to open my Instagram account and boy, why I haven’t done it earlier. SO far my audience is steadily growing and more and more people view my work which is great. What even better is that, since then it’s been easier to find a model to work with, which was the main goal. So it was in this instance. As I am being a nosy person I usually click on people accounts who like or comment my work etc. I see interesting to me look and just send a text. I was so please to see that Paulina is interested in doing work together and we set a date for the next available day… what else I can say, just have a look yourself and hopefully you will enjoy the outcome 🙂

Gear: Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4 lens and the flashlight mounted in octa – softbox








A stolen dream

Now, just wanted to show you how quickly you can improve your art photography. This particular shot happened while visiting my friend photographer in Poland last year where we were basically shooting and assisting together for most of the time. So, here how it goes.

You meet up with an art photographer who get the concept all ready, while you are assisting with for example, holding a reflector (and your camera ready to go). Then wait until the model, styling, posing etc are ready, next while the photographer gets distracted you quickly take you camera and shoot 🙂 And there you go, photo is done 🙂 And this is how you cheeky can steal somebody’s idea 🙂 Now in normal circumstances where you are not befriended with the photographer, please do not do it!!! 🙂

Camera: Nikon D800, Nikon 85mm F1.4 lens and Photoshop 🙂


Selfie time

So here it is, Alina and I were messing around with taking photos of each other and it got really serious 🙂 Set the softbox with the flash and the black board for the background and started working away. I was a quite tricky to not create too much shadow under the hat rim but we managed eventually I guess 🙂

Alina took this one for me 🙂

Shot with Nikon D800 on tripod and 85mm F1.4 lens, Nikon flash light in a soft box. Light diffused as much as possible at lowest power so I could use very shallow depth of field.

The lights

Earlier last year I have bought a soft box, similar size to my window which in fact is not that big and tried to imitate the window light. The whole challenge is to diffuse the light to get a similar effect.  I use all fabric that came with the soft box to defuse it as much as possible. Last week after over a month break from any major shooting I have had a chance to get two models and worked with two different light sources. Now you can figure out yourself which is which and the one you think looks better 😉 Actually can you tell the difference?

Models I had an honor to work with were Sara Berger and Xiaolan Jiao. Camera and the rest of gear I used were, Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4 lenses, Nikon flash light and soft box with all available diffusion fabrics, the reflector and the last but not least the window light 🙂


Back on track again

It’s been a long tine off work but the most of the time I had spend in books getting ready for this weekend exams which got finished earlier today. Anyways, I don’t wanna bore you with academical stuff and want to share some work I got managed during that break. I still experiment with the artificial light and cant get the sweet spot that I have been striving for, and now will have more time to manage to experiment more 🙂

For now I am leaving you with those portraits of my Alina who patiently collaborate with me 🙂

Gear: Nikon D800 with 85mmF1.4 lens at f2 ISO 200 1/200 sec and the flash set to minimum power in octagon soft box, plus all defusing stuff I got with that soft box  😉



Happy New Year!!!

Well, it’s been a whole day of a new year day fulfilled with all thew positiveness and resolution attitude for the new year, but I am just tired to be honest! I have been in books for the last few weeks for the upcoming 2 exams this week and I don’t even feel I want to take any photos anymore….I don’t really like this filling and it’s probably tiring me even more 🙂 However, I wanted to put effort for today’s special day  I want to share with you. Something that want me to create something really capturing and bringing a thought. Not necessarily positive to be honest, as I believe that we all are individuals and each of us can notice in it something different.


As usually I used Nikon D800 and 85mm, F1.4 lens. As well easy peasy 🙂



and a Happy New Year peeps!!!!



Night Lights

We drove by this place and saw a fog spreading along the Dargle river in Bray Co Wicklow in Ireland. Once we got home I grabbed my camera and we returned to that place, however mother nature decided to take the fog away and we only were left with the leftovers.


Nikon D800 with 85mm F1.4 lens at f2, 1/80sec ISO 800 hand held.