Window light

Last Wednesday I had an opportunity and honor working with amazing actress / singer Elva Trill. Once she mentioned she is an actress I was sure we would get cool photos and she delivered 100% 🙂 . The weather didn’t let us working outdoors so the plan was to try out and do our best in my small bedroom. The set is very simple here. The window and a set of foam boards. So far I only managed to finish a few shots and will post them all on my FB page and Instagram (_photobypawelp) in a short future, so please find me there if you wish to see them all.  For this shoot I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm for tighter crop and 50mm lenses to fit in a bit more into the frame. My room gives me only as much space and I love it for the sake of light quality. Elva was absolutely amazing and it was a pure pleasure working with such an enthusiastic, open minded and creative soul  🙂 ❤

Model: Elva Trill





Two evenings 

The same location two evenings, two attempts and two different results… Again Irish weather showed me unreliability. Shooting with natural light and getting it the way I want it to, is almost like taking landscape photography where you go to the same place number of times and every time you get different results and you want to go back there again as mother nature doesn’t want to cooperate 😀 However, this is the challenge I need to deal with on every shoot.  I guess working with artificial light could be more controllable but working alone and dragging all the gear is quite hard to imagine… How do you appreciate shooting outdoors with natural light? Is it as challenging as it is for me? Do you find it hard to work with sometimes?

Again for both photos I used the same gear Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens at f2 with only difference of where shooting Alinas running I used continues auto focus.



Yesterday I had a pleasure to be working with little Holly. Beautiful light just fulfilled our simple location creating nice back-light. Thanks to her mum who helped me with the reflector it made my life a bit easier with post processing, although there is not much in it anyway. Love it when all pieces come in together so peacefully… Thanks to my Alina in last years I learned a lot on how to work with kids similar age to her. Nevertheless, it’s still very challenging from time to time. Admire photographers who work with children on daily basis. Real heroes to me, and on the other hand the more you do it the more experience you get, the better trick you know 🙂  Holly was amazing and it was just a pleasure. ❤

For this shoot I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens at F2, ISO 100, and the shutter speed accordingly with the light conditions.

If you’d like to know more about this shoot, just ask me in the comment. For more work you can follow me on my FB Page Pawel Pentlinowski Photography or instagram @_photobypawelp



The Burn

Once I knew I had a free afternoon this Saturday I wanted to do a shoot but I had no model and organizing one on short notice is quite challenging. I texted Lorna and luckily she was free. Yesterday morning and I saw a smoke coming from behind a local hill. This was it! I wanted to go there. There was still plenty of time ahead and I hoped there will be still some smoke left by the time we got there. Later I heard on the radio the is fire brigade trying to keep it down. Didn’t worry too much as the gorse once on fire can smoke for days after, and only rain could spoil my idea 🙂 No rain though !!!!

Once we got there the plan was pretty straight forward. Wait for the sun to go behind the clouds and shoot. For this kind of shoot I usually use 85mm 1.4 lens, set at F2 ISO as low as I could and shutter speed accordingly. Exposed for the brightest part in the frame, and in this shoot there be the dress and the sky. The smoke made the scenery very soft and misty making it challenging for the camera to get focus from time to time. Here is the outcome, more photos will be published on FB page Pawel Pentlinowski Photography and Instagram  @ _photobypawelp



Try out

From the very beginning I knew I wasn’t going to use my blog much for writing as this has never been my strongest point, hence you can only see photographs here, but I have decided to change it a bit. Still will be focused on publishing my work and from now on I will be adding more text with an idea of what might be hiding behind the particular photograph. English isn’t my first language and I would ask you now to give me some credits. 🙂

Also I would love to get engaged more with you out there who follow my blog, therefore if you need or want to ask any questions about the work I post here please give me a shout and I’ll be more than happy to give you the answers.

It’s been over 5 years since I started this journey. Have learned a lot and still learning every single week. I started from zero and know how it is when you get the camera and have no clue about anything except how to press the trigger (I admit here, I knew a bit more than that actually) and now I wanted to share whatever I have learned so far and anything you wish to know I will try my best to help you out to go through those tricky moments. I don’t mean that I only want to help people who only know little about the photography but to anybody.

Fingers crossed it will work out for all of us. So here I am for you and do not hesitate to ask for anything.


Best regards



The weather really pushed us to the limits yesterday evening. The rain and slashing wind that was making everything miserable. However, Helen figured out how the take an advantage of the wind and started performing with the piece of red fabric that we used. I felt straight away that this was it and just started shooting. 5 min later or even less we were finished 🙂 So great to work with someone same minded it makes it all different, more creative and even more exciting. The results you can see yourself…

Model: Helen O’Brien