After living in Poland for 25 years I moved to Ireland where a new chapter of my life has started.  Here I have discovered how to live life to the full.  Got bitten by the outdoor activities bug and discovered a new passion – mountaineering and photography.  While traveling my camera is always an inseparable companion – helping me to capture happy, beautiful and breathtaking moments.  I love natural light photography. I live for the moment and aim to capture it in my photographs. My style has been evolved since my first post here and you can find many different kind of genres – landscape, children, portraits and wedding photographs. Personally I have been always interested more in taking photos of people and have focused in this direction. I love meeting and working with people. I care about details and always put 100 % while working on each photograph.

While you are already here I hope you enjoyed my work and if you would like to purchase any piece or book a photo session with me just send a quick email on photobypawelp@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to arrange it for you.

The equipment I work with:

Camera body: nikon d300 and d800

Lenses: AF – S DX nikkor 18 – 200 f 3.5 – 5.6G ED VR II, AF -S nikkor 50 mm f 1.4 G, AF -S nikkor 85 mm f 1.4,

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  1. Thanks for following me – I am glad you did as I find many similar subjects and approaches in your photos. We are both relatively new to the DSLR world, and exploring many of hte same things.

  2. dzięki za odwiedziny i bardzo miły komentarz na moim blogu. masz świetne zdjęcia i dobre oko. życzę dużo powodzenia w fotografii profesjonalnej. ja też bym chciała do tego momentu dożyć, ale na razie bycie mamą i żoną zajmuje mi całe życie i odbiera sporo energii 😉 Marzyć jednak można, prawda?!
    miłego dnia życzę!

  3. dzięki za odwiedziny i bardzo miły komentarz na moim blogu. masz świetne zdjęcia i dobre oko. życzę dużo powodzenia w fotografii profesjonalnej. ja też bym chciała do tego momentu dożyć, ale na razie bycie mamą i żoną zajmuje mi całe życie i odbiera sporo energii 😉 Marzyć jednak można, prawda?!
    miłego dnia życzę!

  4. Thanks for the following! i really enjoy your photos as well and look forward to see more of them!

  5. Are we living the same life, just in different locations? I was inspired to photography when my dad took me on my first multi-pitch rock climb. I had a real crappy camera at the time and took my first ever true landscape photograph atop of moore’s wall N.C. on the route sentinel buttress. In a series of events, I was given my first DSLR camera as a gift and since then they both are two of hobbies passions of mine. I loved one of your most recent with the guy hiking with the child. It reminds me of my first top roping trip with my dad. Keep up the work, I love your pics.

    • Hi, thank you for commenting on my blog. Yeah it really seems that we have loads in common 🙂 Good to find someone who share the same interests and it make it even more special as we live in absolutely different parts of the world I guess 🙂
      I have to say that when I saw the father walking with his little girl, it made my day. I have a little girl too but she is only 4 months old. Can’t wait when I will introduce her into Outdoor world 🙂

  6. I am sure you have it somewhere on your blog, but I couldn’t find information on what type of camera and lens you mostly use. With thanks Nicole (from ‘Gday Canucks’ blog)

    • Hey, thank you for writing 🙂
      Well, the equipment I usually use for general shooting would be Nikon D300 + Nikkor Lens 18 – 200mm and for portraiture I use Nikkor Lens 50 mm F1.4

  7. I’m writing to you to offer you an award for your blog, which I have only recently discovered but thoroughly enjoy visiting.

    I have recently received a Liebster Award for my Photoblog, and by the rules of acceptance, I must pass it on to five other people and I hope you will accept my invitation to be one of my five to whom I pass the Award.

    But there’s one thing I dont know about your blog. The Liebster award is only given to Blogs that have fewer than 200 signed-up followers and I don’t know whether your blog fulfills that requirement or not. By ‘signed up’ I really mean people who are signed up to get emails of your new posts. look forward to hearing from you. Andy (LensScaper)

    • Hello Andy,

      Thank you very much for you offer, I am really honoured and moved, but before any further steps will be made I have to inform you that I don’t have 200 followers on my blog as yet, therefore I don’t think I should be accepting it as yet :/
      However I will work hard and will look forward in the future, maybe one day I will fully deserve this award.

      Kind regards

      • If you have fewer than (less than) 200 followers then you DO qualify – so you are entitled to the award. OK?

  8. I think your portraits are gorgeous! A lot of variety to your style as well. Very nice! Thanks for visiting my blog, and leading me to yours.

    • OK, can you please tell me what the FRESHLY PRESSED means, it’s second time today someone tells me this and I have no clue what that is :/
      BTW thank you 😀

      • http://wordpress.com/#!/fresh/

        Freshly Pressed:
        The best of 339,088 bloggers, 1,069,281 new posts, 1,458,941 comments, & 240,549,414 words posted today on WordPress.com.

        Take a look – your blog has been mentioned by WordPress – a great achievement.

      • woooow I am so shocked now 🙂 In a positive way of course 😀 Thank you for telling me. What a great day 😀 Thank you 😀 !!!!!

  9. I won’t hold you being a Nikon owner against you! 🙂 I’m Polish! My grandmother and grandfather were from Poland – Kowalski! AND I would love to go to Ireland one day! 🙂

  10. Dzieki za odwiedzenie mojej stronki. Twoje zdjecia sa niesamowite. Ja dopiero zaczynam moja przygode z fotografia 🙂 mialam okazje w 2008 odwiedzic Iralndie. Zakochalam sie w tym kraju od pierwszego wejrzenia. Mam nadzieje ze kiedys uda mi sie tam powrocic.

    • Aj tam od razu niesamowite, ucze sie dopiero ale staram sie z calego serca 😉
      Milo poznac rodaczke na tak wielkim portalu 🙂 Dzieki wordpress, poznalem sie z Ewa ktora mieszka w Californi i posiada piekna galerie fotograficzna. Moze znasz momphotographer? Jest tez… kurcze nie pamietam jej imienia 😀 ale siara 🙂 poojycat tak ma na blogu 🙂 a i teraz Ty, fajnie !!! Bede sledzil Twoje poczynania fotograficzne z przyjemnoscia 😀 Pozdrawiam 🙂

      • Nie mialam okazji natkac sie na te dwa blogi na pewno zajrze. No przyznam sie szczerza ze kiedy napotykam sie na rodaka na wordpress to sie ciesze i nie czuje sie tak samotna i z dala od domu rodzinnego. 🙂 Pozdrowionka i milego dnia.

  11. Dzięki za wizytę! Właśnie przeglądam Twoje zdjęcia – bardzo mi się podobają. Odwiedziłam już ileś fotoblogów na WP, ale często są słabiutkie…Także miło popatrzeć na porządne, dobre prace, także chętnie będę tu zaglądać! 🙂
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie piękną Irlandię!

    • Dzieki 😀

      Zgadzam sie z Toba. Jest tutaj tysiace uzytkownikow ale nie za bardzo duzo fajnych zdjec. No ale nawet ze slabych zdjec mozna sie czasami czegos nauczyc 😉
      Polecam momphotographer, jest prowadzony przez Ewe ktora mieszka w stanach, moim zdaniem robi swietne foty, duzo mozna od niej podpatrzec.
      Dzieki jeszcze raz za wizyte i pozdrawiam serdecznie 😉

  12. hej 🙂 masz fajne wyczucie przestrzeni, czuje się żywioł patrząc na twoje zdjęcia… urocze są też zdjęcia dzieciaków, będę tu częściej zaglądać, udanych łowów… 🙂

  13. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post serendipitous moment. You have an amazing collection.

  14. First of all Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I am so glad to meet you and with your amazing photography. Almost I am lost in your pages… Fascinated me so much. But I should say this, I don’t know why, even before knowing you are Polish, in my mind I met once again my favorite musician with Preisner Zbigniew and when I read your about page, I found this very interesting… I mean how I connected with him. I can’t explain this… Once again Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  15. Thanks for visiting and getting a positive vibe from my “About”. I think your landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.

  16. Because we r both polish then i will write in our language… jakże cudownie, że natknąłeś sie na moje zdjęcie, bo przez to mogłam zerknąć na Twój blog 🙂 …i ten moment kiedy buzia otwiera się z wrażenia…. coż mogę jeszcze napisać…..PRZEPIĘKNE ZDJĘCIA 🙂 pozdrawiam no i oczywiście z przyjemnością klikam “follow” 🙂

    • Czesc 🙂 dzieki wielkie za tak mily komentarz.
      Grono rodakow na WordPress sie powieksza – podoba mi sie 🙂
      Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zycze milego weekendu 😉

  17. Wonderful photos. I despair when looking at many so called “photography” sites. You’re doing a great job here, the portraits are fantastic.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love Ireland. I’ve only been there once but I’m hoping to get back soon. The countryside is beautiful and great for hiking and photography.

  19. What an incredible place for your new journey! Ireland is indeed the land of photographer’s dreams, I’m so lucky to have been there … and will be back. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for the visit, loved loved loved finding your blog in return -definitely following, your work is amazing! I’ve been to Ireland once and it is indeed breathtaking, but it was so long ago I’d kind of forgotten about it until I saw your photographs and they brought it all back… Fantastic!
    Love, Anna

  21. I was trying to decide which photo was my absolute favorite and I really couldn’t come up with just one. One that sticks in my mind that Is, “Me” is your photo from 04/2012 Sandycove. The first photo in that bunch is my favorite. I can picture myself on that bench with a warm hot cup of coffee and my favorite sweater and a nice fluffy wool scarf. Ha! I don’t even know what time of day or season the photo was taken but it’s, “me”. Probably doesn’t make a lick of sense but it does to me. 🙂 The ramblings of a mother who’s had a very tiring day.

    I have nominated your wonderful blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Much deserved. Should you want to accept visit here http://still-times.com/2013/01/16/beautiful-blogger-award/ .


  22. So jealous that you are living in and loving my home country. I can see you are enjoying it and living life to the full. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  23. Pawel,
    What beautiful images on your site, they already express such emotion and thought. Uprooting after so long has it’s challenges, I just moved from Texas to the Northern US, very different.. but oh so exciting. -Kim

  24. You have some absolutely amazing shots here. Above all you see light. I am impressed by your control of exposure. very beautiful and inspiring. all the best. my favourite polish word is piasic!

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