End of Summer

So we finally reached the end of summer. Some people already have done their time off, some are still on or planning to go away. For me personally it’s kind of bit of the first and latter. We did our time off and already looking forward to the next one. We had a great time in Slovakia Tatry Mountains. Discovering new terrain and enjoying their amazing food, kindness and amazing vistas. Today for a change I want to share with you one of two videos that I managed to document during our adventurous time there. Hope I won’t disappoint you and don’t worry I will still continue posting my photos here. Just thought a little different post might be a good distraction 😉


All filmed on my little Sony action camera, hand held! As simple as possible!


Oooops, the video can not be uploaded here!!! It says safety reason ?!?!?! Ah well, so here are some photos instead and the video can be view here  🙂












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