I have never thought that I would say that while living in Ireland, but here it is. In last numbers of weeks we are experiencing such a great weather to the degree where National Water Management is encouraging not to waste water as it’s become very dry and we might have water supply shortages later in a year… :/ Another natural disaster this year  😀  Only yesterday we had a rain and I went crazy as I had no idea what Alina and I could do for a day :/ We always do outdoor stuff and I had no idea what to do in a rain. Thankfully we got some window and went for a nice walk saving dozens of snails from seagulls 🙂 and later after dinner Alina suggested to do some photos and it can not be taken at the beach, another hurdle of the day!  Well, we just drove ahead and found this…


Gear: Nikon D800 and Nikkor 85mm F1.4 lens (as always)   😛




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