Well, originally I was going to do a different post but I found it too exciting to share a something else. As we all already know that FB is getting dead unless you pay for accessing a greater audience, last year I finally got myself convinced to open my Instagram account and boy, why I haven’t done it earlier. SO far my audience is steadily growing and more and more people view my work which is great. What even better is that, since then it’s been easier to find a model to work with, which was the main goal. So it was in this instance. As I am being a nosy person I usually click on people accounts who like or comment my work etc. I see interesting to me look and just send a text. I was so please to see that Paulina is interested in doing work together and we set a date for the next available day… what else I can say, just have a look yourself and hopefully you will enjoy the outcome 🙂

Gear: Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4 lens and the flashlight mounted in octa – softbox







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