Storm Trooper

Due to the last lasting wintry weather conditions in the mountains I have decided to go for a hike earlier today… Oh boy the wind…. I have already experienced strong wind in the mountain before, so strong that was sweeping me from my feet and today it was not far from repeating the experience but thoughtfully I abandoned the idea of going to the Djouce Mnt. Definitely not worth the struggle at all. What positive has happened though I got an idea for my next photo 🙂   Now it seems in was worth to go out 🙂

For this shoot I used one flash light with 1m octa soft box with all the liner I could use to diffuse the light. Also used a white fabric bounce the light and reduce the shadow a bit. Also my Nikon D800 on tripod and remote trigger. 85mm F1.4 lens at f2.8 ISO 200 1/100sec and photoshop of course 🙂


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