Guardians – The Escape

It would be a year next month since I have created last episode of The Guardians series. I had no new ideas for a very long time. As the whole series is being fueled by life events from the past it seemed I had got to the point I had no more stories to base the next one. Until the sad event that happened last summer… I realized then that all the Guardians were inspired by a very sad and sometimes even traumatic events from the past and it had appeared I got to the point (luckily) that I couldn’t get inspired anymore. Well I take it now as a good point in my life 🙂 Unfortunately, only last summer after these a very emotional event I then almost automatically came up with this one and only waited for the right moment to execute it. Yesterday while driving I saw the hills engulfed with heavy clouds, I knew right away where I need to go how to take it to my advantage. Despite freezing cold and rain and whatever else was falling from the sky there I managed this piece…

For this photo I used a tripod, remote trigger for my camera, 14 – 24mm F2.8 lens at 18mm, f8 ISO 400, and a plastic bag keeping my camera dry 🙂

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