Finding beauty

Another cold morning followed by rainy night. Yet another brave and motivated model to work in conditions like those we had last Thursday. I know that once I get in my zone I forget about anything else and I just want to shoot, however I needed to be aware that this wasn’t to happen as we had very limited time before Cheyenne was getting cold. I was trying as quickly as possible moving from one place to another and create as best as possible which was very challenging… The pressure was on for sure and I think I need to postpone shoots like this till spring arrives, although the mother nature will change the scenery and the details I like now will be gone. I have a very mixed thoughts on that now… Have anyone of you had a chance to shoot nude or model in such conditions? What are your thoughts… I usually compare present to what I had experienced myself in the past but that’s I think it’s a bit relative as we all perceive the same things in different ways, sometimes at least. Well these below are some of our results. Hope you will like it!

The gear I used during this shoot: Nikon D800, 50mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4

Model: Cheyenne



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