Short days

There is a time of the year which is not very favorable for my natural light photography as a day is very short and evenings long and the weather… Well on the other hand when I have a chance to shoot outside I have more flexibility as the sun doesn’t go up as during summer time and usually you could shoot outdoor through most of the day. That’s of course imply only on sunny days and luckily we don’t have too many of them in Ireland 😀  However, Im not gonna talk about the weather here. When I shoot indoors I usually use my window light which with a help of a piece of fabric can be nicely soften and create nice powdery light, due to short days I needed to find a substitution to it and got my first ever soft box, it’s portable and it can be collapsible and easy to store. The size of the softbox is similar to my window (not that a big window though) and  I am trying to soften it as much as possible… Still will need to improve a few bits and pieces and for now I could manage to do this piece… Hopefully I will get the results I have been looking for and my Alina will be as helpful as she’s been so far  ❤

For this photo I used my Nikon D800, 85mm F1.4 lens at f2 1/125 sec and ISO 200, the flash is set to the minimum power.

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