Sleeping Beauty

The time has finally come. It took me a while before I started to think about nude photos. I knew from the beginning that I don’t want it to look like most nudes we can see on the internet these days. However I felt it that it was definitely going to happen outdoors…  This summer Anna texted me that she’s interested in working with me and honestly I wasn’t too sure yet what I was going to do. Eventually we got in touch again after summer and finally last week we got a date… We went to Devil’s Glen and found this little spot with plenty of moss and old dead trees… That was it!  Fair play to the model for withstanding my request going through those bushes and wet grass ❤  Although it was a nice day the temperatures weren’t to friendly for getting nude, and not even single complain from model!!!

For this photoshoot I used my nikon D800 accompanied by 85mm F1.4 and  50mm F1.4 due to quite space to operate. The setting was between F2 – 2.8, ISO200 and 1/200 sec.

Big thanks to Anna Nikita for the whole time and making ideas to come true.   Check out her FB page and Instagram annanikita1




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