The Glow

Alright, I know I already mentioned that before and I will say it again. I had one of the best holidays in my life. Working with all the models whom commit 100% into their work is so enjoyable and made my life so happy. Now still going through all the photos and finding hard to choose which do next, is so exciting and is keeping me motivated. Somebody said that to make a beautiful dish you need a right ingredients. Well I couldn’t agree more. Talented models, locations, wardrobe and the light. What else would you ask for?  Finding this spot where the light was sneaking through the top of trees created this beautiful glow in Paula’s beautiful red hair. Again I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens. Processing took place in photoshop, where I used Alien Skin plug to create the final look. More to come of course 😀

Model: Paula Szarleja

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