Self Execution

Hello all! I’m back from one of most amazing holidays ever. I had a very creative and most inspiring time I could have asked for. Meeting and working with fantastic models and fellow photographer with whom I spent six days talking, sharing and learning each others experience and developing new ideas. Of course I had taken an opportunity and also modeled for her and for myself where the result you can see in this post. We were living in the country site in the southern part of Poland near Krakow, getting spoiled with amazing sunsets and absolutely stunning area.

For this photograph I used a tripod, my nikon D800 with 50mm lens on it at F2. Magda also assisted me with tightening my hands behind and pulling it up with another rope. I also used her amazing wardrobe so I could turn into shady character with a gun.  I can’t tell more how happy it was to be able to create so much work in such a short period and can’t wait to start processing them. For now enjoy this piece, stay tuned for more and I hope to spoil you even more in the near future. Much love ❤

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