How many times have you heard that photographers only have to push the button? Too often!!! And sometimes this actually happen, and it is amazing feeling when the model does the whole job for me so I can only focus on composing photo, introducing new ideas and just shoot. However most of the times this isn’t the case and as a photographer I also have to work as a model and show every detail about posing to the person in the front of the camera. Which is fine, as we can learn new lessons and improve on how to work with models with no experience for the future shoots. Sometimes it goes swiftly and sometimes it goes very slowly. And at the end of the shoot you feel really tired 🙂  Yes, that is the truth about working with models in general, and funny about that is that the credits will go to the model how great job she did! Really? Anyway, don’t want to rant or anything like it here right now as this isn’t the point, but the point is I just wanted to share with you of what really happens, in most cases during the photo-shoots. That to create a decent piece, the photographer has to do a double job. And when you eventually get to work with a very a model that knows and have the feeling about it, the job gets sooooo easy and everything is just coming up itself, and you enjoy every moment of it and the face just draw the smile throughout the whole process while working on the photos. Well my face does that 🙂

The photos below came out very spontaneously and Elva did an amazing job, all credits go to her!!!  I really just pressed the button.

For these photographs I used my Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens at F2 and ISO640, I added two texture layers to create more drama and as a filter I used two actions from Alien Skin collection. The series of 3

Hear no evil…


…see no evil…

… speak no evil…

Model: Elva Trill

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