Two evenings 

The same location two evenings, two attempts and two different results… Again Irish weather showed me unreliability. Shooting with natural light and getting it the way I want it to, is almost like taking landscape photography where you go to the same place number of times and every time you get different results and you want to go back there again as mother nature doesn’t want to cooperate 😀 However, this is the challenge I need to deal with on every shoot.  I guess working with artificial light could be more controllable but working alone and dragging all the gear is quite hard to imagine… How do you appreciate shooting outdoors with natural light? Is it as challenging as it is for me? Do you find it hard to work with sometimes?

Again for both photos I used the same gear Nikon D800 and 85mm F1.4 lens at f2 with only difference of where shooting Alinas running I used continues auto focus.


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