The Burn

Once I knew I had a free afternoon this Saturday I wanted to do a shoot but I had no model and organizing one on short notice is quite challenging. I texted Lorna and luckily she was free. Yesterday morning and I saw a smoke coming from behind a local hill. This was it! I wanted to go there. There was still plenty of time ahead and I hoped there will be still some smoke left by the time we got there. Later I heard on the radio the is fire brigade trying to keep it down. Didn’t worry too much as the gorse once on fire can smoke for days after, and only rain could spoil my idea 🙂 No rain though !!!!

Once we got there the plan was pretty straight forward. Wait for the sun to go behind the clouds and shoot. For this kind of shoot I usually use 85mm 1.4 lens, set at F2 ISO as low as I could and shutter speed accordingly. Exposed for the brightest part in the frame, and in this shoot there be the dress and the sky. The smoke made the scenery very soft and misty making it challenging for the camera to get focus from time to time. Here is the outcome, more photos will be published on FB page Pawel Pentlinowski Photography and Instagram  @ _photobypawelp



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