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From the very beginning I knew I wasn’t going to use my blog much for writing as this has never been my strongest point, hence you can only see photographs here, but I have decided to change it a bit. Still will be focused on publishing my work and from now on I will be adding more text with an idea of what might be hiding behind the particular photograph. English isn’t my first language and I would ask you now to give me some credits. 🙂

Also I would love to get engaged more with you out there who follow my blog, therefore if you need or want to ask any questions about the work I post here please give me a shout and I’ll be more than happy to give you the answers.

It’s been over 5 years since I started this journey. Have learned a lot and still learning every single week. I started from zero and know how it is when you get the camera and have no clue about anything except how to press the trigger (I admit here, I knew a bit more than that actually) and now I wanted to share whatever I have learned so far and anything you wish to know I will try my best to help you out to go through those tricky moments. I don’t mean that I only want to help people who only know little about the photography but to anybody.

Fingers crossed it will work out for all of us. So here I am for you and do not hesitate to ask for anything.


Best regards


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