Guardians – The Sabbath

Those who follow me on FB already know a short story behind this work. But for those who don’t I’ll have a more detailed version. πŸ˜‰ Some of my work starts to build up when I see some interesting scene and that was exactly how this piece began. As I usually do it all on my own, for this one I had to try first how far away from camera I can go with my remote trigger and it showed it wasn’t enough as I needed to go as far as the horizon. And when I had my all torches ready I need as little wind as possible and someone to help me with the trigger. The second became quite hard to find, comparing to the windless conditions πŸ™‚

Finally went off to Bray Head all set and ready and the only lighter we had that day broke right at the moment when I was trying to light up the torch. Grrrr… I thought I was going to cry there. Nevertheless we took photos without the torches just for the reference and later I processed it for training. I learned that taking photos after sunset the temperature of light and exposure change so quickly, making it a little difficult to fiddle in post processing when you have approx 80 photos to work with. I became very impatient and wanted to do it again as soon as possible as I couldn’t stop thinking about this photo.

A week later I called my friend again. He was free, the forecast seemed promising and because it was a cloudy day I decided to go there a little earlier. With the set of 3 lighters and a box of matches I was very sure that nothing can stop us this time. Once we got to the top of Bray Head the wind conditions were much worse than at the car park at the bottom, nevertheless I was feeling confident. All set and I went off to the site to start the whole process of taking photos. The wind was quite strong and despite the fact the torch was soaked with gasoline it couldn’t light it up. Grrrr… I tried all lighters and nothing the wind was doing its job properly. Finally I called my friend on the radio as we had a set for communication and both we managed to light it up. Off he went and I started to walk andΒ  stop every five steps. The battery in the radio died, the fire died too because of the wind. I thought I was going to break down there. Then, I figured I can do some trick in post processing and continued the march towards the camera.

Starting from taking photos and post processing in total it took me 9h to finish up this work. New personal record !!! New idea already ignited in my head πŸ™‚ and I got the perfect place for it πŸ˜€



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