Foggy Zawrat

On the second day in the mountains, due to very poor visibility caused by the fog, I haven’t thought I wanted to go for any exciting trek. And I also didn’t want to stay in the hut for a whole day.
I packed accordingly and went for a stroll following the steps in the snow. I was very happy to see anything in that misty conditions and as the trek was very easy I continued my journey. Meanwhile I met a skier who suggested that these steps very likely lead to Zawrat Pass as it’s very popular for people to trek from one valley to the other. I remembered from years back when I was there in June that the descent was very easy from the Pass and despite the poor visibility I should be more than OK to get there easily. Another thing that came to my head was that, that if I got a little higher I could get nice opportunity to take some cool photos from above the fog.
Excited with the idea and focused on the steps I continued….
Eventually I was getting higher and finally started to clearing out… I was able to see some vague outlines of the neighboring summits… Eventually I got to the place where I could hear and see some people on “the pass” At first I was a little confused about the pass being so extensive, and quickly explained to myself that the last time I was there it was a very long time ago, hence not too sure about the view. Got onto the pass, the views began to clear and happily grabbed the camera and worked away. Suddenly I noticed a sign post and the writings in Slovakian… I knew right away I was in the wrong place!!!! Thanks to two lads there I found out I got onto Gladka Pass and Zawrat is on the other side of the valley!!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least I took some nice photos and burned my face in sunshine, as I decided not to use a sunscreen on a foggy day grin emoticon

On the second attempt for the Zawrat the weather conditions were different. Cold strong wind creating icy snow drifts and the fog again but this time not as heavy… For a change I went out with two other lads and we followed other people heading the same direction…. I quickly figured out where I didn’t turn on the first attempt to the Zawrat…. After trudging a couple challenging avalanche prone snow fields we got there… The weather was biting us surely but we where happy we got there the only thing that concerned me was where the sign post was that is placed on top of the pass… Well, probably it’s covered by the drifted snow. After a tea we all decided to go back the same route… At least this time I believed I was in the right place smile emoticon
Next day during random talk with a skier who was that day on the Zawrat we were told that the post is visible and is sticking out well above the snow!!!!!!
No way, we got to the wrong place again and for me it was a second time in a wrong place!!!!!!!!!
Attempt number three…. This time I knew we got not too far from the place and I already knew how to get where we were the previous day, but will the fog finally give us some reference point so we can finally find the place? And yes we got it. All of the sudden I recognized the pass, the post was there and luckily I found a pair of sunglasses buried under the snow grin emoticon

The moral of the story, even on a easy route in the fog and snow you get lost easy peasy grin emoticon Never walk in the mountains on your own!

Zawrat _PPP2996 copy




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