My monochromatic world

When you go up to the altitude where no vegetation grows anymore, the environment turns into very simple painting… Rock, grass and the sky. The fog rolls in and out, obscuring the visibility to the minimum. Everything appears very basic. There is only me, my foot steps in the snow, heavy breath and pounding heart, pumping the oxygen to the muscle cells. It’s so quiet that little whisper becomes a noise… It’s only me, my thought and the hope to find a right way through the mist…



















4 thoughts on “My monochromatic world

  1. Superb Mountain ‘Scapes. This is an environment that always looks so good in B&W and you’ve done a fine job with the processing Pawel. This looks like the European Alps – any specific area?

  2. Great set, particularly like number 4……the trail in the snow leading you to the sunlit mountain shrouded in cloud is a great composition.

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