Under pressure

Last Wednesday Abeer and I had booked a very stylish pub where we were doing the shoot with a wedding dress. Also we had a pleasure to have for a change a make up artist who did an amazing job… We already knew that once we got there we only had time till 3pm. It was early after 2pm when we left Abeer’s house and 2.20pm once we got there… Surprisingly the gentleman who opened the door for us said that we need to be finished in 20 mins, which gave us mere 15 mins after Abeer got changed… Never before I was working under such a pressure and to be honest I wasn’t happy at all with what we were getting… I felt really sorry for the make up artist who did absolutely great job… I knew I had to take some photos for her sake and I also knew it was not going to happen there… so we ended up in Abeer’s house to finish up with some portraits, which I am happy with 😀

In the pub…



and back in the house…


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