Here is a little bit more inside to this shoot that Abeer and myself did last Wednesday.

Usually before I do the shoot more or less I know what I’ll be getting… This time Abeer invited me to do the shoot in her place and as the weather recently doesn’t let us play much outside, I took the invitation. I got scared when I got there and I think I’ll keep it to myself why 😉 I had no idea what I was going to do there and after finishing my night shift and sleeping 3h I became really upset… My head was empty from any ideas… I think Abeer had more faith in this than I could have ever imagined myself. Not getting into details we just got the sheets on the wall and worked away…

One of the shoot here and huuuuge thanks t Abeer for the faith in me, as I lost it that day 😀 Big lesson learned on being creative and how to improvise 😀


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