Almost heart attack…

The idea of growing beard came out with one photo that unfortunately never has happened. I never liked my beard and started getting fed up with it… Still wanted to memorize it somehow… I thought that maybe taking Selfie would take the place instead… Hmmm… in the water maybe?

This little pond is located in Devil’s Glen. It’s well sheltered place, most of the time no wind whatsoever. It seemed all easy, until I had to get into the water…. The first moment while submerging almost got me a heart attack… Geeee the water was freeezing… rapidly the pain from cold took over my body and I had to relay entirely on my camera and the setting I totally guessed… Three attempts, I mean getting in and out and still all was going bad… on the 4th attempt I was already shivering uncontrollably… After that I gave up… could not do anymore… This is the final photo… Don’t think Im gonna repeat it again :/

They say: What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. Hope it will 😀


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