Hidden Places in Ireland


8 thoughts on “Hidden Places in Ireland

  1. Terrific Pawel! Exposed very well considering the contrasts in the light. If I may suggest and this is only a suggestion I may have cropped more from the top of the image to the point where the green heather on the right is jutting out from. Making this the top of the image….allowing the viewer to look at the rock detail and the illuminated leaves in the foreground with less of the trees and light in the background. Hoe you do not mind and I hope you have a great week.
    I always enjoy your work, challenging, interesting and with your own style.

    • Hi James
      Thank you very much for your another visit and comment on my work. I was thinking about what you just said. I did the crop according to your suggestion and the question came to me. Wouldn’t the left top corner be affected by the cropping, it looked like a cut off… Anyway just was wondering what you might say about it.
      Best regards

      • Hi Pawel,
        I revisited your image and thought of the cropping suggestion and tried to apply the rule of thirds…silly me, these rules are there to be broken. In doing so it needed me to crop in from the right creating an almost sq image. But I definitely prefer your original, by the way, the depth of colour and lighting is superb.
        Hope you have a great day. Regards, James

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