This might sounds funny but I haven’t seen a mist for a very very long time and I mean years. I was driving back home yesterday when I drove into mist. I got so excited that I had to pull over and take photo. Luckily I did have my camera with but I for a change I left my tripod at home. Grrrrrr….. Most of the time it’s in the boot of my car, no matter whether I need it or not it’d been always there, but not yesterday!!!!

Anyway I managed to use a part from the fence as a support but I was very restricted with manoeuvring…


f16, 1.3 sec, 50 mm, ISO 200, 0EV

6 thoughts on “Misty

    • Hey
      To bardzo mile z Twojej strony ze pomyslalas o mnie i Tobie rowniez chcialbym zyczyc pieknych, spokojnych i wesolych swiat i oby nowy rok byl wypelniony wieloma pieknymi momentami ktore bedziesz mogla uchwycic swoim aparatem 😉
      P.S. Nie wiedzialem ze mowisz po PL 😉

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