Something different

Today’s weather really put me down and I thought of doing something different that will change already finished work. I really miss winter and anything I look at I want it to be in a winter colours and mood…

This is my first photo manipulation with special effects. Let you to judge whether it’s or not ok. Please don’t be shy I share your thoughts with me šŸ˜‰





6 thoughts on “Something different

  1. Hi. I’m not a big fan of manipulation but you have created a special atmosphere here which seems to reflect what the subject is feeling. However, it would have been good to see also the original before you worked on it. On some posts which do that I’ve often felt the original was better. But I understand – anything to distract from the horrible weather – at least here.

  2. I like the wintery feeling of the edited photo. However, I would have eliminated the orange glow on the left side.
    Good job with the original as well, good use of depth of field!

  3. I really like your original photo, in fact I think its very nice. The second one, I wonder what it would look like without the glow but keeping everything else the same, I think without the orange light, it would give the photo an Ethereal like feeling. Does that make sense?


    • It does and thank you for your comment. To be honest I did the photo the way it is as an experiment just to pass some free time šŸ™‚
      Thanks again for stepping by šŸ˜‰

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