Fashion Show

Last Friday I was invited to the fashion show to take some photos. New experience to learn, as I never use flash light. Thanks to a friend who lent me his speed light I could try to get the best from where we were thrown to… Mixed feelings about these kind of shots but maybe it’s because it was a first time and I wasn’t sure what I was actually doing. :/ Oh and the best part is that you can do a fashion show not only with young tall, fit and good looking girls 🙂


all photos taken on settings as below:

f2, 1/100 sec, 50 mm, ISO 560, 0EV and speed light

10 thoughts on “Fashion Show

  1. I think you did a nice job, specially if this was your first time doing that king of shooting. I’ll do the exactly same thing this next friday, and will be the first time for me too. I’m just a little worried because I do not know what kind of light I’ll have. In this case I’ll take a canon 17-35 2.8 + a speedlite 450 + eventually a difuser on the speedlite. Do you have any special advice? 🙂

    • Hey there

      Thanks for writing and asking. What can I tell you… Go there earlier and ask about what light will be used for the show and then quickly do a few test shots like I did. I used manual mode, W/B set to 3200K, used 50mm prime lens on my Nikon D300. Setting that worked for me were f2, 1/100 sec, ISO 560. What I found out after the show that normally the flash light is not allowed during fashion shows but if you can use it bounce it from the ceiling to avoid red eyes and to achieve softer light. I think that is all what I remember for now. Hope you’ll enjoy your shooting and will come out with even better photos than mine. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Pawel. The advice about bouncing its very usefull because I didn’t know about the not allowed flash light issue (whitch also makes sense). Besides, I’d decided to take with me a little diffuser I have, just in case. Anyway, as you wrote, I’m planning to get there early enough to do some tests. Thanks again!!! I’ll let know what happen 🙂

      • Sorry to answer so late Pawel! My light conditions were the worst I could get, comparing with yours I mean. Anyway I think I did a decent job thanks to ISO, the Sppedlite (bounced to the roof as you suggested) and the bright lens.

        I promise I’ll send you some images as soon as I can.

        Thanks again for your tips! They really helped! 🙂


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