The Spider

Whoever said to have a camera wherever you go was absolutely right. You never know what you can see 🙂

f5.6, 1/250 sec, 200mm, ISO 200, 0EV

12 thoughts on “The Spider

  1. You must’ve been in my house yesterday because that’s the exact same spider I saw outside my bathroom window. You made the photograph that I didn’t. Looks great!

  2. It’s definitely the season for the spider. We’re beginning signs of autumn (East Coast, USA), and these clever and important insects are everywhere. They’re intriguing and sometimes really scary. I like both images, but I think in this case the color brings out the details better. Also the color lends to a juxtaposition of the web’s fanning out and the soft colors doing the same.

    • Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate your every visit and every word you leave on my blog. Just to let you know that you left most comments on my blog so far 🙂
      Thank you!!!

    • 🙂 ej no wez, jakbym pomyslal wczesniej zanim zrobilem to zjdecie i przekrecil jedno pokretlo to zjdecie mogloby byc o wiele lepiej wykonane. Ale dzieki tak czy siak 🙂

      • u mnie to one nie wychodzą chyba dlatego, że ja się panicznie pająków boję, więc podskakuję za każdym razem jak się to co poruszy, albo listek obok drgnie…

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