Agnes – continuation

Ladies and gentlemen, here is something what I want to consider for the following posts. One person advised me to post each photo in a single post. And I decided to ask you for the advise. So, would you prefer to see photos in series or one per post ????


For now here is one of many 😀 Love working with this girl 🙂


f1.8, 1/500 sec, 50mm, ISO 100, -0.7EV

14 thoughts on “Agnes – continuation

  1. In a series, please, the way you have been doing. I like to see the continuity of your shoots and compare poses, expressions, backgrounds, post-processing, metadata, etc. from the same shoot with the same model. It’s all very instructive.

  2. Pawel, you can tell a story in a better fashion by posting images one by one. If they carry enough content and message – and they do – one image grabs viewer’s attention more than if it was a series. It’s the only image so your message is “look closely and carefully to this one”. And the next day another one, and so on. Personally, that’s the way I can focus and enjoy better. Thanks.

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