Dublin Early Morning

Literally one hour and a half ago I got back home from the morning street photo shooting in Dublin. What a beautiful morning we have today 🙂

I said it once and I’ll say it again, how strange it is walking on these empty streets where during day there are thousands of cars and people moving there every hour 😀

Didn’t have my tripod with me but still got something 😀


Have a nice day !!!!


f11, 1/50 sec, 55mm, ISO 200, 0EV

f11, 1/25 sec, 18mm, ISO 100, 0EV

f11, 1/125 sec, 56mm, ISO 200, 0EV

f11, 1/200 sec, 42mm, ISO 200, 0EV

18 thoughts on “Dublin Early Morning

  1. Beautiful photos. You did well without a tripod. I don’t think I could have been steady enough. I was in Dublin once during the day when it was packed with people. It’s nice to see it before all the people arrive.

  2. Great photos – even without the tripod! I can’t decide if the first one with the beautiful morning light or the last one with the stunning architectural shapes against that sky is my favourite. Anyway please keep taking your photos and sharing them here so everyone can enjoy them:-)

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