In Studio

Last Sunday I was participating in Foundation Lighting workshop in Three Rock Studio, where a friend from our camera club was showing us different light set – ups to create different lighting effects. There were two models and a make up artist. They all did a great job and all of their effort and amazing job are shown in the following photos.

Personally, as a guy behind the camera I learned a lot and I have to say, that till yesterday I thought that photography is easy… Hmmm I was so wrong. Yesterday I found it very challenging and most difficult task to fulfil ever. Now I realized how little I know about the subject, and how much is there to be apprehended. Loads and loads more things to learn … Will I live that long to acquire enough from this massive amount of  information that is ahead of me???


f5.6, 1/125 sec, 50mm, ISO 200

f16, 1/125 sec, 50mm, ISO 200

f11, 1/125 sec, 50mm, ISO 200

f5.6, 1/125 sec, 50mm, ISO 200

f2, 1/80 sec, 50mm, ISO 400

8 thoughts on “In Studio

  1. These are really lovely images! Light is the critical thing, isn’t it??!! It is amazing how much it can change the look of a photo! I love that first one. And I agree, there is so much to learn. Luckily…it is a fun journey. 🙂

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