Photo Drive in Wicklow Mnts

My writing is getting worse and worse with every post. Actually I don’t know what to write anymore. But the whole idea to have this blog was to display my photos and I am going to stick to that….


f22, 1/1.3 sec, 18mm, ISO 100

f22, 1 sec, 18mm, ISO 100

f22, 6 sec, 18mm, ISO 100

f22, 3 sec, 18mm, ISO 100

f22, 25 sec, 18mm, ISO 100

f16, 15 sec, 18mm, ISO 200

26 thoughts on “Photo Drive in Wicklow Mnts

  1. A picture speaks a thousand words – your’s speak unending volumes. Don’t worry about the wording – your already letting us see through your eyes. πŸ˜‰ Hugs, K.

  2. Pretty fantastic skies in all of these. I especially like the third from the bottom — something about open road shots.

  3. All of these photos are absolutely stunning. I also appreciate the time and effort you put in to some of these images because some of them i can tell have had extended shutter speed times to create that misty look. Brilliant.

  4. I’ve struggled with my writing for the last month or so… its the part that I’m hating the most nowdays!! These pictures are just gorgeous… they don’t need a story… Its Ireland, wicklow mountains and pictures are VERY pretty πŸ™‚

  5. As the previous commenter says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, these gorgeous pictures just spoke 5,000 words and made me a speed reader in the process! These photos are exquisite! The first and the last are my favorites, beautiful work.

  6. Wonderful atmospheric skies – words are unnecessary. Sometimes I find it difficult to write something useful, sometimes I write far too much. I think it is just how we are. But it is so true as someone wrote earlier ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

  7. Yes, I have trouble figuring out what to write generally…

    I like all these photos, but the second stands out for me. The colouring is lovely.

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