A little bit stormy

I got a text from a friend in the morning saying that the sea is going pretty crazy in our harbor. Not thinking for too long I got dressed up, had quick breakfast and headed there. I checked on the internet about the tides and it showed that the best should be just happening in next hour. Oh man I have never seen anything like it before. The both piers had been getting drown under the water.

The wind was blowing exactly in my direction and shots was absolutely impossible to take as the breeze was splashing my lens every time I was aiming at the sea. I was so glad to bring my all waterproof clothing, otherwise I would get wet within minutes.

After some time I decided to relocate and drove to Dun Laoghaire port where I took another series of shots. And this time was not easier at all. The breeze was really pulling on my nerves, but I fought till the last minute.

Hopefully my gear did not get effected too much by the salty sea water as it got splashed on number of times πŸ™‚

Now please tell me, which one you prefer Colour or B&W

f5, 1/1600 sec, 65mm, ISO 200

f5, 1/1250 sec, 65mm, ISO 200

f11, 1/400 sec, 18mm, ISO 200

f11, 1/3200 sec, 50mm, ISO 200

f8, 1/1250 sec, 60mm, ISO 200

34 thoughts on “A little bit stormy

  1. Great shots. For most of them I vote black and white though its a close thing as both versions are great. For the last one I vote colour – I like the red roofs and blue building and think it probably helps pull the eye through the picture.

  2. 1 – color, with work on development if you have the raw

    2 – b&w

    3 – color, the matching color from the brown grass with the rest of image is nice not to mention the green patches, great sky and clouds, the wave splash too of course. my favourite. Stunning on a large print.

    4 – b&w, although it worth a try in color development to see what can come out from the houses and clouds

    5 – b&w

    Nice risky shots.

  3. Hey guys,

    Thank you all for the visit and leaving comments. Personally I can never choose which I prefer most, it’s always a dilemma…
    Wonder now what the weather brings next… πŸ™‚

  4. I like both the color black and white photos. Each bring out detail in the photo. Love the water action against the stationary objects.

  5. amazing, i think i have to say i like the b&w best for the most part, i love to see the water shooting up over the rocks

  6. Wow – these are wonderful. I love the B&W versions. They have such impact and contrast. How much fiddling did you have to do in the b&w versions? Did you use photoshop or something else?

    Thanks for dropping by to ‘Gday Canucks’. I would not have found your blog if you hadn’t visited.

    • Hey,

      Thank you very much for leaving your comment here. Well, I use photoshop + a couple of plugs to that like viveza, color efex pro + silver efex pro, For the landscape or sea scape I try only to play with contrast and a little bit with colors. Don’t know whether is much fiddling or not ;/

  7. good news Pawel – my brother wants to order a print of one of the sea shots! I will call you to arrange πŸ™‚

  8. Really nice shots. I prefer the b&w as it brings out the details and texture of the water/spray and clouds; I also think it adds a darker mood that nicely complements the subject matter.

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