Climbers at Dalkey

Ha… I know that sometimes a have 1000 ideas per minute and because of that I tent to be undecided. So it was this time. I headed to Dalkey Quarry on Wednesday to take photos of the tree flowers having this idea about the Spring in blossom… And it kind of started like that until I spotted a first climber on the wall. The original idea had diminished right away and I started collecting new shots.

There were Irish troops training, climbing classes going on.  That was so awesome when I met my old two Spanish friends, who I haven’t seen for at least last two years. Small world ha?  They were taking rock climbing classes too.

As an enthusiastic climber, between taking shots, I was climbing there too as I could not resist the feeling that the thing gives you 🙂 Have too work out now how to climb and take shots by myself, although I think it would be not a good idea to do it while soloing…

During the last four days I have met so many different people 🙂

My favorite captures were when I saw that little girl chasing  her daddy. Geared up with such a big back pack, well, considering her size, the bag was big 🙂 That was so cool to see the little lady trying to copy her daddy on the wall… There was not only me astonished by seeing that as whoever passed the place, they stopped and admired the courage and bravery of her, making her dad proud…

Can’t wait now to bring my little girl who is  only 4 months old now and teach her how to climb…

7 thoughts on “Climbers at Dalkey

  1. Nice set of shots. It’s a common problem – go out with an idea in mind and find yourself taking totally different images. A really varied set. It’s not easy photographing climbing.

  2. Please don’t try taking pictures of yourself while soloing lol…. Unless you get a tripod with a remote timer, then you’ll be in good shape. I’m sure if Dan Osman didn’t do it either for safety reasons, it may not be a good idea for you either :D. Just food for thoughts. Loved your pictures by the way from an enthused climber. I’ll have to post some of my own.

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