By Night

I got inspired to take night shots after I was brought to the photography club where there was a lecture about this kind of photography. As I live in a place where there are hundreds of beautiful places to go. Shortly after I the lecture a grabbed my camera and went away for a new photo adventure.

The first photo for some of you might be familiar as I used it already in a previous post. But the next ones are only now here. I so wanted to go toย Glendalough to take these shots at the lake but the sky was mostly overcasted with clouds and on numbers of evening I had to wait patiently. And there it happened, clear night sky. Packed up and drove away towards Glendalough. I was so not certain how it;s going to be as I encountered very dense for that the driving was nearly impossible. I thought what the hell am I doing. If the fog is here it is more than likely that in the mountains the conditions could be even worse. But I didn’t give up, full of hope I kept going.

What a surprise!!!!! Only 1 km from my destination point all of the suddenย  the fog ceased and here we go… ๐Ÿ™‚

Wicklow Mountains seen from Sally Gap area

Glendalough Upper Lake

Glandalough – through the trees

Glendalough – Big Dipper


I know that some of these photos are notย  great quality shots, so if you’d like to leave some comments on how to improve my photos in the future please feel free to do so. Many thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

17 thoughts on “By Night

  1. Very beautiful images. Until the end of this month Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are aligned and clearly visible in the sky, this might be a good occasion for you since you master the technique.

    • I used my lens 18 – 200mm and set on 18mm f3.5 / 15sec, ISO 1600 and overexposed by 3 stops, works for me on my camera but I suggest to experience on your own and find your best setting. Oh yeah and most important, use good sturdy tripod.

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