Abandoned factory

Arklow – North Beach. I have walked there by many times and always was fascinated by that building and always was wondering how it looks inside. My curiosity went even higher when, one day walking by these monstrous building, I found the broken fence and the entrance to the ex factory with missing door 🙂 That gave me an idea straight away of what I will do next when I am there with my camera. Although I knew I should be careful while being there,  in case of course someone sees me, as civilians are not supposed to go there. Yeah I know, but that’s the health and safety in Ireland and they are quite “crazy” about that.

Anyway, the door was open for me there  and I did not hesitate once. There was a chance and I took it 🙂 You are going to see that I was not the only person who went there before  ….

15 thoughts on “Abandoned factory

  1. Some very nice shots here. Looks like an amazing place to explore. I particularly like the picture of the chimney taken from directly below; the angle/perspective is fantastic – you really get a sense of the height. The shot underneath of the wooden planks is really nice too, the angles gives the impression of a fan.

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