Photowalk in Szczecin

During my one week visit to Poland I also took an opportunity to go for a short photo walk in the city where I studied and spent a last few years before I left for Ireland. The place I have to say changed a lot. New buildings have been raised, the streets re-moderated but still have its part where the time stopped. The same stalls, the same stuff for sale that had been brought from a far east located just beside huge, shiny, 21st century shopping center. This place always fascinated me with its unique charm. And even this time I was not disappointed with the atmosphere flowing around the area.  Men selling illegal cigarets, perfumes. Very cheap clothing, not always good quality 😉

  Walking on the streets of Szczecin brought many good memories. Long days spend in collage. Nights out with friends. House parties. Parties at the campus. Wow, I try to think of bad things too but it would take forever to write everything down 😉

Waly Chrobrego  – Trasa Zamkowa

The view from the highest building in the city  – PZM

Plac Kosciuszki

Plac Kosciuszki

Turzyn SC – Bohaterow Warzawy St.

Turzyn SC

Turzyn Market and Kordecki Campus  in the background

Turzyn Market

Stall at the market

Making a deal.

Boleslawa Krzywoustego St.

Jagiellonska St.

High School building on Pistow St. view from Jagiellonska St.

Tram’s tracks on Piastow St.

Plac Kosciuszki.

Bol. Krzywoustego  St.

Bol. Krzywoustego  St.


Pl. Zwyciestwa

Pl. Zwyciestwa

Dworcowa St.

11 thoughts on “Photowalk in Szczecin

    • Dziekuje 🙂 Pewnie mi nie uwierzysz teraz ale mi za ta dusza nie jest wcale teskno :/ dla mnie jak jestem tam raz na jakis czas wystarczy na dluuugo.
      W stanach nie bylem to nei wiem ale wiem ze sa tam piekne miejsca ktore kiedys chcialbym odwiedzic 🙂

      • uwirzyć, uwierzę… 🙂 cztery lata temu byłam w Polsce, to mi na długo wystarczyło. teraz to tak właśnie jak Ty, fotograficznie bym chciała odwiedzić stare śmieci i udokumentować. tutaj… pewnie, że są przepiękne miejsca, ale to całkiem inna “piękność” 🙂

  1. Thank you for the tour! I especially like the image of the strolling family’s shadows…

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