Lugnaquilla Mnt – Winter 2012

       Maybe I should start this post to explain that Ireland is not a favorable place for people who would love to enjoy a proper winter. As I was growing up in Poland where the winter time could really show its teeth sometimes.  Living here it’s kind of one season for all the year 🙂 Anyway as a passionate outdoor person, I take my chances and I try to take every given opportunity what this magical island has to offer. Last week as the temperature dropped below zero in highlands and the snow lingered up high I packed my backpack and headed to Wicklow Mountains.  After I got to above certain altitude the conditions were worsening with every meter gained but it didn’t scare me as I always repeat to myself “It could be worse” 🙂

  Soon I discovered I wasn’t there on my own which actually cheered me up 🙂

It’s funny when you walk in absolute foggy environment thinking, who the hell go into such a hostile place, and second later group of people appear from… nowhere!

Getting to the top took me 3h . Considering the fact that walking in a fog and drowning in a moggy ground I think it wasn’t as bad. The top is being marked by a men built cairn and a pillar on the top of it.Lugnaquilla

  In Ireland most mountains I have climbed have these cairns on the top. Thanks to that I could be able to find the place as on many occasions I really struggled to find where I actually was  🙂

Yesterday I went there again. I guess the winter is already fading away so not thinking twice I grabbed my bag and camera and headed to Lugnaquilla. This time from different side of the mountain. The temperatures where more favorable as everything stayed solid frozen. Which made my hike “easier”Again I was not the only one that was mad enough to get in there in these freezing conditions but hey, I love winter and snow, and frost, and all fun one can find during winter 🙂

The sky was only partially covered by scattered clouds which resulted in photographs of beauties like these… 🙂


12 thoughts on “Lugnaquilla Mnt – Winter 2012

  1. Wow! these are gorgeous pictures – going that extra mile (or metre in this case!) can make it all worth while.

  2. Wow, thanks Pawel, wouldn’t get to see this if you didn’t go to places like this with your camera. Gorgeous stuff.

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