Taking photo shots in poor heave leaden light is a real struggle. But I think Ania and I did quite well… Anyway you can see it yourself as a few new photos are added to portraits 🙂


I had a lesson how to clean camera sensor 🙂 After talking to sales in one photography store, where the guy strictly advised not to do it by myself and “gently” suggested that they can do it for me, I went to another place where the very nice lady quickly explained how it can by done DIY.Eventually I bought some accessories she presented. When returned to my place I went straight to undertake the operation as advised. A few minutes later the sensor was cleaned. No more unwanted spots and dust on my photos !!!!!!! 🙂 remember that sooner or later the sensor gets dirty and the cleaning is unavoidable. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself, it’s pretty easy!!! Some videos are available on you-tube. GOOD LUCK!!!


Got up at 6 am and headed to Killiney Beach for a morning photo shooting. The conditions appeared not to be as expected but it was still a great fun and most importantly worthwhile time spending 🙂

One thought on “Photography

  1. Great photos. I hope your dream comes true. the portraits are wonderful, plenty of colour. It would be nice to be able to sign up to follow your posts, if the possibility could be added. Have a good evening.

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