Love is in the air…

Although Rome wouldn’t be my best place for holidays as I’m more of an adventure person, from photography point of view I felt like a child in a play garden. The amount of opportunities were overwhelming…

Love is in the air

Poolbeg Lighthouse

From my yesterday’s exploration trip to Dublin’s port. Anyhow I will need to repeat the journey to that place as I was running more chasing the last light instead of focusing on taking thought-through photos, however I witnessed one of the most beautiful after sunset light glowing spectacle ever… Love outdoors!!!!

The Ship and the moon


Poolbeg Lighthouse

On the Metro

The capture from recent wedding shoot in Rome that despite its simplicity became very special piece of work to me… When we got on the subway the couple were getting cheers from all directions for most of the time. While taking this photo a woman who was just standing beside us helped us with fixing the dress then moved away and asked if she can preview the photo. I showed it to her as she was a very nice to us and then she said that she is a wedding photographer and never saw a photo taken on a subway and congratulated us!!!🙂 I was very chuffed up at that stage😀

And to be honest with you I personally did see a photo taken on a subway and believe it was taken in New York😉 so just to be fair it wasn’t as original but at the time it felt great to be noticed🙂

wedding metro

Dance of the Lovers

So here we go… coming back from my first abroad wedding with so many magical memories could only happen in one place. Rome – Italy!!! I still can’t believe I was invited there and after two very exciting days all now seems to be a dream… Thanks to all photos taken there we can now go back in time and enjoy the memories.😀

This photograph was taken at the Pantheon where we went to shortly after 7am and considering the time of the year it was the best moment to avoid the herds of people who come to visit this place every day!!!

Dance of the lovers

Red Vine

Killiney Obelisk

Very often when I plan some creative work, the mother nature doesn’t want to cooperate with me, hence this piece of architecture.


Killiney Obelisk

Come away with me…