Dancing with the wind

It was one of the busiest weekends this year. Fulfilled with happiness, creativity, new experiences and amazing memories…

“Dancing with the wind”

Model: Suzanne Moran
Wardrobe: Magda Russ

Dancing with the wind

The end of summer ’16

Alina kept asking me for last several weeks, whether we could go camping one day. I very rarely say no to adventures like this but I didn’t just want to go and sleep in a tent… The location research had started. Where I live in Co Wicklow in Ireland there are hundreds of beautiful spots in the mountains but there also are millions of dame midges… Hence I decided I didn’t want Alina’s first camping to be a bad experience.

Two weeks ago while walking to the place for photshooting at the beach, there it was… It was quiet, nice spot for pitching a tent and literally 1 min walk to the beach and what most important no midges!!! I knew it was already late for Irish weather standards to get a good conditions and surprise, surprise!!!  somehow we got some one of the most beautiful days of the year. It was warm, sunny and almost no wind… Not thinking twice I tried my best to make Alina’s wish to come true just before she goes to her “big” school next week😀

good night


family time






the meeting


walkie talkie


the view





Guardians – Vertigo

Moment before “I do”

One of the photos I took  at the recent wedding in Hollywood in Wicklow…

Getting ready


Femme Fatale II

A & P

Here is the trick to how was this photo taken. As we all know that children loos the interest in a boring posing. Here I got Alina the remote and asked her to take the photos. After I set all camera on tripod and the boards behind of course😉 Then a little play in a Photoshop and we got something like this🙂

Alina and I...


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