May was a communion day and June is a Confirmation day… Beautiful day in Arklow’s Church and later in the gardens of Bay Hotel


Gear Nikon D800, Lens 85 and 50mm, F1.4






Simple composition with use of a scarf / vale / cotton cloth and a dispersed window light.

Gear: Nikon D800, 85mm F 1.4


The Communion

May is the month where the communion season is happening plus Christening and whatever else you can cram in one month 🙂 Booking in advance really is the best solution to avoid disappointment. Wish I could multiply myself sometimes and be in different places at the same time 🙂  This time I was honored to this young man at his special day…

Gear I used: Nikon D800, 50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.4 lenses






Too busy with everything

Wow.. just realized that I have absolutely forgotten about this place lately… So many things are happening right now and every hour is being planned for doing something that I don’t even find myself to think about my blog anymore… I am not complaining as I actually enjoy the state of being busy… Last week I managed 3 shootings and this one was the last I did. I always say I prefer shooting outdoor but there are exceptions from time to time 😉 this is the exception and I loved it!


Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 85mm F1.4 lens, window light.




It’s not about beauty itself but how we perceive it…


From my recent shoot with Jola. Window light and my Nikon D800 and 85mm lens



Out-shined the sunshine

Last week I have forgotten to post as I have been busy studying for the exams that happened to be this weekend and thankfully the hardest part is over only maths left to go, and in the worst case scenario I will have to repeat yesterdays exam :/ Anyway, I had to put my photography away for the time being and only now have a chance to post these photos that I did with Helen. As always pleasure to work with even with the worst light conditions I would imagined 🙂  Helene I believe outshined the sun 🙂







Last week I had an opportunity to work with Eliza who came to Dublin from Cork. The weather was probably the best we had this year so far and I wasn’t happy about it at all. The original idea was to shoot in Dublin and then due to blasting sunshine in the middle of a day I knew I had to do something else or this was going to be waste of time for the model. We went to Marley Park and hid in the back garden and explored almost every shaded and weeded area. I could look quite funny to see us getting into those bushes of weed, but in the end we got these 😀

Model: Eliza Ioana

Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 85mm F1.4 aand 50mm F1.4