Guardians – Vertigo

Moment before “I do”

One of the photos I took  at the recent wedding in Hollywood in Wicklow…

Getting ready


Femme Fatale II

A & P

Here is the trick to how was this photo taken. As we all know that children loos the interest in a boring posing. Here I got Alina the remote and asked her to take the photos. After I set all camera on tripod and the boards behind of course😉 Then a little play in a Photoshop and we got something like this:)

Alina and I...


This was my first time working with curvy model. We both wanted to create something new. I pick a location in the Mountains for the variety of different options. At the warm up we got swarmed by the midges and we literally had to run away. Even the insect repellent wasn’t working😦

So the plans were abandoned unfortunately…

Model: Sue Kelly – Curvy Model

Sue Kelly

The one

I recreated setting I already did with Sara. This time I wanted to have a photo of my Alina. Thankfully she agreed:)





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