The weather really pushed us to the limits yesterday evening. The rain and slashing wind that was making everything miserable. However, Helen figured out how the take an advantage of the wind and started performing with the piece of red fabric that we used. I felt straight away that this was it and just started shooting. 5 min later or even less we were finished 🙂 So great to work with someone same minded it makes it all different, more creative and even more exciting. The results you can see yourself…

Model: Helen O’Brien


The Shepherd

I am the shepherd and I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…

I couldn’t resist use that cloth on me 🙂 Alina got one photo and I got one too 😀 – Selfie time


Yesterday shoot in a vibrant city of Dublin, where the buzz never stops!!! 😀



Starry Night Sky


I think I only now realised that I have a serious adiction… My name is Pawel and Im a photoholic… 😈 Im glad that my Alina still can stand it and allows me to photograph her from time to time 😂