Probably the last post this month as I’m going away tomorrow morning😀 . However I would like to share this piece with you all. Sometimes I feel that my brain goes too fast ahead and on the way back to catch up with the presence, it gets a little tangled.



There are times when I take photos, process them etc… There are those times when I actually feel that Im finally doing something right, and I believe that this shoot was one of the few special ones🙂

The Vale





Guardians – The Ghosts

“Guardians – The Ghosts”

The last night trip to Glendalough was more challenging than I expected. The remote trigger’s battery died on me 😦 and I had to use the timer on the camera which made it hard enough and 30 sec exposures in windy very cold conditions added to that where I had to stay as still as possible 🙂 Hence the guardians look like ghosts and myself almost as them as I wasn’t able to stay still in that cold 🙂
However the moonlight made this work a very unique piece

Guardians The Ghosts


I know it’s been way after the Halloween but I usually get ideas very spontaneously, so this was…😉

Selfie - painted



The Golden Hour

The advantage of short days give us opportunity for early sunsets. As long as the sun goes down in the right place, which can appear as a disadvantage. So we always hope for the best and take what we get🙂

Light House


Glowing Ligth


10th Anniversary

They met over ten years ago I would honestly say that they only fell in love yesterday. Happy couple Lena and Robert celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary❤