“Guardians – Humility”

Long time since I posted the last work with “Guardians”. Actually I already thought I was finished with them, but the new ideas keep coming so I decided to keep creating new parts… Hope you missed them as much as I did :)




Also from the same session as previous post but in a different way… Tomorrow hope to do the shoot like never before. Should be interesting and definitely new experience.



Here is a little bit more inside to this shoot that Abeer and myself did last Wednesday.

Usually before I do the shoot more or less I know what I’ll be getting… This time Abeer invited me to do the shoot in her place and as the weather recently doesn’t let us play much outside, I took the invitation. I got scared when I got there and I think I’ll keep it to myself why ;) I had no idea what I was going to do there and after finishing my night shift and sleeping 3h I became really upset… My head was empty from any ideas… I think Abeer had more faith in this than I could have ever imagined myself. Not getting into details we just got the sheets on the wall and worked away…

One of the shoot here and huuuuge thanks t Abeer for the faith in me, as I lost it that day :D Big lesson learned on being creative and how to improvise :D


…I do…

Just Married

Last weekend I was so busy and also very creative. I was honored to participate and capture the moments of two amazing gentlemen who were getting married. Beautiful place with amazing and happy people around… How can you not like the job as photographer where so many great moments are just happening in one place….

More work to come soon :D


The Call

Today for a change will show you my “studio” where I work recently due to amazing wintry irish weather… From reorganizing my room, hanging some black material and the help of photoshop sometimes I can do some creative work here :D




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